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Why do I need a guardian?

Most UK boarding schools require students with families overseas to have an officially appointed guardian resident in the UK. Having a guardian allows both the child’s parents and school to rest easy knowing that there is someone available to support the child if required. We appreciate that having a guardian is another expense in addition to school fees, and that’s why our guardianship packages cater to a range of requirements and budgets.

Is there a way to avoid having a guardian?

Aside from being required by most schools, having a guardian is an essential precaution for overseas students, providing them with security and support at times of emergency and stress. However, guardianship isn’t only for emergencies, and having a helping hand nearby can help your child to achieve more and to get the most out of their experience at school in the UK.

Can my friend or a family member be a guardian?

Your adult friend or a family member can be a guardian if they are resident in the UK resident with ILR or citizenship status, do not live in student or shared accommodation and are over 25 years -old. However, most UK boarding schools do not recommend this approach. While a friend or relative will certainly care deeply for your child, they may not always have sufficient knowledge of the British educational system to know how the schools work and how best to communicate with them. Schools normally recommend choosing an AEGIS-accredited company to act as a guardian for your child.

Who will be my child's guardian?

As soon as you register your child with us you will be allocated an experienced staff member to be your child’s guardian, and he or she will be your main contact for any questions related to your child. You will be provided with your guardian’s full details including their home address and a mobile number. If at any point you feel that this person does not meet your requirements you can contact the company manager to discuss the situation and to arrange another guardian if needed. This is one of the significant advantages of working with a guardianship company, rather than with a private guardian.

What are the differences between the guardianship packages you offer?

Our packages are designed to meet all of your child’s needs, no matter how basic or complex they are, but we are also happy to design a package specifically for your family. Our packages include combinations of services from the four main areas of support we provide:

  • Emergency Support (available 24/7 on all our packages)
  • Pastoral Care
  • Academic Support
  • Homestay Accommodation and Transport

Our main packages are:

  • School Care Premium Guardianship
  • School Care Guardianship
  • School Care Limited Guardianship.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and what package is right for you.

Will I be able to book additional services that are not part of my package?

Yes, you will be able to book additional services if needed, such as additional school visits, holiday accommodation, tuition services, help with choosing your next school or university, visa support and transport and accommodation arrangements for yourself when visiting your child. Your guardian will help you to arrange anything you might need.

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