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English for adults

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Study English in England and fully immerse yourself in both the language and British culture.

The most effective method for language acquisition is to engage directly with the language you aim to master. The learning experience extends beyond the classroom—it encompasses everyday interactions in streets, shops, cafes, and homes.

Opting to learn English in England grants you access to seasoned professionals who have dedicated their careers to teaching English. In contrast to other countries, only the most skilled educators with international experience qualify to teach in the UK.

By choosing England as your learning environment, you can immediately practice what you've learned as soon as you leave the classroom. Our educators leverage this by integrating real-world interactions into their lessons, ensuring that your learning experience is both relevant and practical. This immersive approach not only enhances learning but also ensures more profound and lasting language comprehension.

English for professionals

There are many schools and teachers in England that specialise in English language training for specific sectors and professions.

Whether you need one-to-one language training or a group class we can help you find the right English language course, including courses specialising in:

  • Business English
  • English for finance professionals
  • English for lawyers
  • English for doctors and medical purposes
  • English for the oil and gas industry
  • English for teachers, including teacher training

There are many more specialist courses available in England. Please ask your UK Study Centre consultant for more information.

English for all the family

At the UK Study Centre, our trained consultants design bespoke solutions to meet your individual needs. For example, if you have children attending school, we offer flexible English tuition timings that work around your school run. We can arrange for our highly qualified, professional teachers to conduct lessons at your home or place of work. Furthermore, we tailor the lesson content to suit your particular reasons for using English. This personalised approach ensures that your learning experience is both convenient and highly effective.

English schools and language training in England

In addition to private lessons, there are numerous language schools and training centres across the UK. At UK Study Centre, we collaborate exclusively with top-tier institutions known for their consistent high standards and proven track record. Regardless of your English proficiency, you can enroll in small group classes available in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

You have the flexibility to opt for an intensive course or, if you have other commitments, you can choose fewer weekly hours focused on specific areas you wish to enhance.

Most English language schools and training centres offer both standard and intensive course options. Standard courses typically involve 15-20 hours of tuition per week, equating to 3-4 hours daily, while intensive courses provide over 20 hours of tuition each week. For tailored learning, you can also combine group classes with one-to-one sessions. These individual lessons give you additional time with your teacher to concentrate on specific skills like speaking and pronunciation or to address topics particularly relevant to your personal and professional life.


English for exams and qualifications

If you need to pass a specific exam or achieve a particular score in an English exam, such as IELTS for study, employment or immigration purposes, we can help you find a school or a teacher to help you achieve the results you need.

The majority of English language schools offer exam preparation courses for IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge exams and we can also help you find individual tutors to help you achieve your goals.

Learn English in England in your teacher’s home

Another popular option is to combine learning English with the cultural experience of life in England, by staying in the home of a qualified and experienced English teacher. This option works well if you are coming to England for a short time on business, or if you would like to be close to your children whilst they attend a summer camp. You can choose from locations around the UK.

Accommodation and other services

As part of our consultation service we help you find accommodation for the duration of your course. There are many different options to choose from, depending on the level of comfort and practicality you require. Options include student halls of residence, sharing a house with other students, through to renting a temporary apartment and staying in quality hotels.

We can also arrange homestay accommodation, where you have your own room in the home of an English family. This is a good way to observe life and culture in England, with the opportunity to meet English people, share mealtimes and conversation.

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