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Brighton college, University of Cambridge
Our student Jessica, having successfully gained offers to four top UK schools for Sixth Form, is now looking forward to starting the next chapter reading Mathematics at University of Cambridge.

Jessica, originally from China, first embarked on her UK educational journey in September 2018, where she joined year 9 at a prestigious boarding school in the south of England. When Jessica was in year 10, she and her family consulted UK Study Centre for advice on sixth form options; Jessica was greatly drawn to school life here in the UK, but felt that she would benefit further from an even more academic school that would truly challenge her every step of the way. After careful discussion and consideration with our experts at UKSC, we ultimately helped Jessica draw a shortlist of schools that would better suit her. From there, it was our job to ensure Jessica had all the guidance and support she needed to realise these goals.

The first step for Jessica was sitting the UKiset exam; as many schools require this, it was important that Jessica perform her absolute best and achieve the results that she is capable of. Sometimes students may feel confident about their academic knowledge, but as many parents may know, achieving good results in schoolwork and achieving good results in exams can be 2 different things – this is why it was important that Jessica have tuition, allowing her to build her confidence and exam skills under timed conditions. The UKiset exams consists of English, Verbal Reasoning, Maths, and Non Verbal reasoning, so we matched two tutors knowledgeable of the exam to help build up her skills through lots of practice tests and guidance. One tutor taught her English & Verbal Reasoning, and another taught her Maths & Verbal Reasoning. Jessica’s hard work paid off, and she ultimately achieved impressive results in the exam, and could prove her ability to her target schools.

Jessica was already a very strong student, but to ensure she was prepared as fully as possible for her entrance exams, the second step was for us to arrange intensive tuition for her chosen academic subjects in the months before the exams. Jessica studies at a boarding school, but the convenience of the online tuition allowed us to arrange the tuition around her busy schedule. We arranged tutors that are highly experienced with 16+ entrance exams for each of her subjects, which were Chemistry, Maths, Physics, and English. Jessica also had tuition to help her prepare for her school exams (some of which also required her to sit exams in reasoning), and school interviews to really develop her skills in this area.

They say practice makes perfect; her Interview Skills tutor, Lowri, reported that at first while Jessica showed a lot of promise, she had to work hard and practice a lot to make sure that her responses and conversational skills were confident, concise, and insightful. Lowri helped Jessica build a list of things she wanted them the interviewers know, and also helped Jessica learn how to turn any question into a subtle way of expressing her key viewpoints and attributes further.

Jessica’s hard work paid off, and she successfully gained offers from Brighton college,  Cheltenham Ladies College, Concord College, and Cardiff Sixth Form College. Ultimately, Jessica and her family decided that Brighton College best suited her needs, and after finishing her A-levels, she was awarded a place to read Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. Congratulations to Jessica, we wish her the very best on this exciting new journey.

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